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John Jackson

As a rapidly growing company, we are always looking for quality employees who want to grow along with us. We started with a single store so virtually all senior management began their career as you are considering... store level. We have a strict policy of promoting from within, so your opportunities for advancement are excellent.

We have the best facilities, training, brands, employment packages and most importantly... employees in the business - winning first place in the United States from both Chevron and Shell for customer service and image. We realize our success is dependent upon our employees. We are very focused on employee benefits, programs and opportunity. Our culture believes in respecting, listening, assisting and rewarding our most precious asset - employees. We encourage ideas and feedback at all times.

You are the life blood of our Company and we promise never to forget that.

I hope we have a great career together and thank you for considering Jacksons.

John D. Jackson


Jacksons creates positive morale you don’t usually find in a corporate work environment, that’s why we’re different. They are helpful to families and have amazing benefits. There is no lack of growth, innovative technology, and opportunity for advancement; just a few reasons I love working for Jacksons.

Jennifer A., Seattle, WA

At Jacksons Food Stores, we give our customers exceptional, friendly service. Workers have big-company benefits with a family-business feel.

Linda N., Albany, OR

The tuition reimbursement program with Jacksons has been very beneficial to me! School is expensive as it is, and without Jacksons, I don’t think I would have started my schooling. This is a great company to work for!

Leanna W., Boise, ID