Apple iPad Learning Lab Donation to Buckman Arts Focus Elementary School

Category: Community

Jacksons Food Stores and the Dairy Farmers of Oregon presented an iPad Learning Lab to Buckman Arts Focus Elementary School at a special school assembly Thursday, September 24th at 10:30 a.m.  This donation was made possible through the “Milk Builds Strong Schools” campaign. The campaign, which ran in Jacksons stores in Oregon from March 18-May 26, set aside five percent of gallon milk sales to fund an iPad Learning Lab and iPads for the school. This is the program’s first year in Oregon. Buckman Arts Focus Elementary School was randomly selected in a drawing of public schools in the state.

The iPad Learning Lab streamlines the management of classroom sets of iPad devices. Each lab includes 10 iPad devices and a mobile cart that can store, charge, and sync up to 30 iPad devices. Jacksons and the United Dairy Farmers of Oregon are donating a total of 10 iPads.

“Our teachers use a mix of activity-oriented projects, technology, integrated arts experiences, and simulations to make learning memorable and rewarding,” said Susan Kosmala, interim principal, Buckman. “We don’t shy away from using technology to enhance our students’ creative learning experience, so we’re thrilled with this generous donation by Jacksons and Oregon dairy farmers. Truly, thank you.”